steve spotlight photos - 07Stephen Tomlin is a professional actor, role player, director and producer with a media career spanning 45 years. For acting credits, audio samples & television showreel, visit his Spotlight CV  The founder of Demi-Paradise Productions he was also the 1991 BBC TV Mastermind champion. This website is a summary of Stephen’s work & career to date.

Born and bred in the south-west of England, Stephen trained as a teacher at the Central School of Speech and Drama from 1969 – 72. After performing in London fringe theatre he left for Manchester to successfully complete a probationary year’s teaching in inner city schools. After two years as a drama workshops organiser and actor at Billingham Forum he moved to Lancaster to join the Dukes Playhouse Theatre in Education company. The city has been Stephen’s centre of operations ever since although he spends as much time as possible at his country home in the Northumberland National Park. He also has family bases elsewhere in the UK including London, Scottish Borders, Manchester, Dorset & Devon.

Recent Work: Cast & led a nine strong role play company for Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service ADC exams for Middle Managers (Chorley Training Centre/Jan ’17). Stephen has just recorded a selection of the diaries & letters of Roger 10th Earl of Stamford (1896-1976) which will be played in the study at Dunham Massey when the house re-opens this Spring. (Dir: Andy Barry, Fuzzy Duck for The National Trust).

Back on Dartmoor 2011

Back on Dartmoor

” My west country roots are at the heart of who I am. They define certain key roles played in different media during a long career. Having a rural working class background and authentic ‘default’ voice to match gives authenticity and depth to those characters. Otherwise my normal RP speech keeps me in ‘neutral’ ready to move into other voices and characters reflecting where I have lived and worked all around the UK. Being long based in the north of England has provided the other core element to my work. My dad was a native Lancastrian and our family lines here go back to the 17th Century so I am proud to live in a region rich in talent and resources with access to all fields of work. I was fortunate in getting such a high powered comprehensive training at Central, looking back on it as a kind of cultural SAS course that brought out the resourcefulness and adaptability essential to making a successful living in the arts. At age 65, I continue to seek out interesting creative opportunities best suited to my talents & abilities”.