Feb 2nd. Half way between Christmas & Lady Day (25th March) both traditional Quarter Days. Candles indeed. It’s all about light now. More of it each lengthening day. New growth in the garden. Snowdrops emerging everywhere and all the other bulbs peeping through. Out front some have been damaged by the press of County Council vehicles & plant as the workmen rove back and forth on our long loop of C road making the carriageway wider in sections as well as digging out new drains (as here) or clearing old ones. I live in hope that these mini linear nature reserves, if not overcome with too much chemical run off, might prove beneficial for damp loving plants, insects and small creatures…Will watch with interest to see if and when they develop. Last night full of light too. Soundtrack of a numbingly cold wind soughing down from the Arctic. The full moon throwing dancing shadows, fleetingly visible through the most threadbare of cloud. The tawny owls silent now after much mate calling this winter. Perhaps they’ve found each other at last down there, somewhere in the wood, above the rushing burn. This night only sheepdogs heard, barking madly at north farm. Foxes or badgers out and about maybe.

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