Visiting friends at Faugh who took us on one of their favourite short walks in the valley of the River Gelt near Greenhow below Castle Carrock. Bright Spring sunshine, bringing with it welcome warmth, revealed the stark structure of the little vale’s woods and fields. Just visible in the distance the dark fells which are this rapid river’s source. Dominating the scene, soaring above lane and bridge, the magnificent Victorian viaduct of red brick & stone which carries the Tyne Valley rail line connecting Newcastle to Carlisle. Crossing the county boundary we have left behind the dominant limestones of Northumberland and entered the characteristic red sandstone country of Cumberland. The rapid river’s twisting silvered course scours the exposed bedrock, making all look promising for fish & fowl alike. The presence of a dipper working its territory bears witness to the water’s rude health.  Numerous newly emerged purple tinged catkins on bankside alders contrasts nicely against swathes of snowdrops & ivy threading through the dense wooded sides opposite.

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