A visit last weekend to Kew Gardens with daughter and grandchildren, aged 3 & 1. How lucky to have this as their local park. Above, at a couple of thousand feet passenger planes are descending, queuing to land at Heathrow every couple of minutes. Below Plane trees line the avenues to village and park gates. Most are pollarded and at this leafless season appear as stark & alien sculptures, with severed branches like fists waving. In the park itself, free of traffic and wonderfully expansive, we relax and saunter the famous avenues and walks. Changing a nappy by bushes daughter & children are surprised and captivated by a Robin, tame as could be, at their sides. I’m taken by the variety of sweet chestnuts throughout the former palace grounds. Something of an arboreal poster boy for the gardens these magnificent specimen trees from around the world (rivalled only by oaks) display beautifully. A great variety of great boles & deep fissured trunks; some bleeding, some (as pictured) standing within their own circumference of fallen seed casings.

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