The weeks fine weather eventual gave way to Storm Freya but not before we heard the first curlew of the season, back from wintering on the coast to inland breeding grounds, we’re heartened to hear that most liquid and haunting of Springtime calls. The return was heralded that same day by a burst of blackbird song, seemingly in response that same unseasonable flush of warm weather. Meanwhile at the feeders whole tribes of finches are battling it out, making short work of sunflower seeds currently put out on a daily basis. Dunnock and robin as industrious as ever in foraging the fallen seeds the more aggressive finches spill in their full on feeding frenzy. Fat balls in a wire basket hooked outside the study window are drawing ever adaptable sparrows in competition with great and blue tits. Their contrasting acrobatics always raise a smile. On the deck last night catch what appears in a second’s impression to be a humming bird moth. Is instead a wren wildly whirring on the storm’s edge to cut skillfully in under to disappear in the ivy that covers the house wall. We may well discover another of their many nests there later this year.