Greenhouse & Fields

The greenhouse has arrived. Hurray! Jim from Sunderland arrived this week and within a few hours had erected our green greenhouse, complete with shelving. we added wood treads and I carefully surrounded with a layer of gravel & placed big pots. Kim put seedlings in little pots and we both stood and stared in small wonder at the welcome addition to our happy acre of garden. The old cold frame will survive another season and has done good service hardening off a full house of tender young plants, most now put into borders and beds. A minor emergency with two days of late arctic wind and sleet saw us fleecing in advance our apple trees and cordons all in blossom plus some of those vulnerable annuals in the studio border. We were helped out by my old school friend Dave, up for a fortnight from Devon volunteering down the road on the annual dig at Vindolanda. The eight tups billeted on our four acre field looking an increasingly sorry sight with their peeling fleeces, lethargic grazing and chronic scratching and rubbing on gates and fence posts. The field is liberally scattered with their discarded wool and mega droppings. On return from holiday I intend to gather both and add to the contents of our new wood slotted compost box, next the greenhouse. Our old plastic ‘dalek’ shaped bins are removed and ready for recycling. That whole corner of the garden, with replaced turf and bark looks infinitely better and brought into productive use for the very first time. We couldn’t be happier! The meadow next the west end is filling with ewes and their new offspring. Southridge’s later lambing time has had one major drawback, we’re told, in that good Spring grass and later birthing meant that many ewes were too fat and struggled with delivery. All our neighbouring farmers have been scarifying the fields with chain drags and some have been muck spreading. All the hawthorn is out, buds opening, plants flowering, grass greening in the growing…All good.

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